Monday, December 9, 2013

"Happy at Home"

 From Robin at Happy at Home

Omygosh!  Does this picture just make you melt or what!  Robin over at Happy at Home has one of those homes that makes me think I might could do a predominantly white home with just a few pops of color for interest.  (Casita 422, where the Saint and I reside, leans more toward an explosion of color.)

Robin's home is gorgeous--warm, cozy, and comfortable-looking.  Just the kind of place you'd like to drop into for a cup of hot chocolate this time of year. (And I'll bet Robin wouldn't think twice about letting you kick off your shoes and tuck your stockinged feet up underneath you on her comfy slip-covered sofa while you visit.)

You really should click on over there and enjoy the serenity of her home. 

I'm seeing tons of cozy homes out there in Blogland, all trimmed up magnificently for the holidays, and I'm learning to feast on the unique creativity and beauty of each one without feeling like I need to run home and rethink or redo everything I've already done at the Casita. 

And that, my sisters (and brothers) is a gift that I wish for all of us--that we might soak up, relish, and receive the beauty and bounty on the pages of those who share their homes and lives with us while still joyfully embracing and experiencing contentment in what we, ourselves, are blessed with. 

Clutching you to my bosom across the pages,


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