Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mutual Admiration

Meeting Sam for the first time . . . love at first sit!
There's a bike that's sometimes parked at Arlan's Market when I go past there, and whether I'm on Sam or driving Coretta Grace (whole 'nother story), I always have to rest my eyes on her for as long as is safely possible at 45 mph . . . I mean, she's parked there right out in the open--up front and center beneath the shopping strip sign, for Pete's sake--just begging to be lusted after admired by all who pass by . . . a Triumph with a 1600cc engine and custom paint job, she is gorgeous!

The owner--he works at Arlan's--struck up a conversation with me one afternoon as I was leaving the store with Sam and he was outside on a smoke break. (Bikes, of course.)  As I pulled out of the parking lot that day under his watchful eye, I was reminded once again of the respect bikers generally have for one another.  Doesn't matter how big (or small) your engine is, or how many dings (or, sadly, askew handlebar caps) your baby has, another rider--at least what I think of as the real-deal rider--is just happy for you that you're out there riding, doing the same thing (s)he's doing.  There's always a connection between two people who are past the wishing (thank you, Sara Groves) and actually out there riding the wind and living the life.

A great lesson, well worth remembering, for all of us who are sometimes tempted to compare the size of our engines or the state of our paint jobs.

Still grinning, from first to fifth,



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