Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adventures at Becca's Place!

This is just the start of the fabulous eye candy on display over at Becca's Adventures in Decorating!

Another predominantly white house that makes me drool! 

Baby Daughter and Sailor Man are moving home later this year, and they'll be receiving my current dining room table and buffet as a house warming gift.  The set belonged to one of her closest childhood friends, and when her family moved across town to a bigger, fancier house, Childhood Friend's mama GAVE the set to me (we don't do bigger or fancier at our house). I promised long ago that when Baby Daughter had her own place, it could go to live with her.  I'm already thinking about how exciting it would be to find as a replacement a big ol' hutch to paint white like this one in Becca's sitting room!

When you get a second, run on over to Becca's for a taste of Adventures in Decorating.



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