Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snippets for Saturday

Photo Credit:  bijoubaby from Flickr

A Snippet for My Fellow Wigglers and Squirmers

Sep. 26, 2010
Papa. Thank You for helping me in my unbelief.  I am so humbled by Your faithfulness . . . You are trustworthy in the midst of my failure to trust.  You give, in love, even when I refuse to open my arms to receive.  Your steadfastness overwhelms me . . . truly, You are the Rock on which I can stand when all around me is shifting sand.  You are a mighty fortress in the midst of the raging battlefield around me.  Peace in the midst of the chaotic din . . . and yet . . . I wiggle and squirm as I have so often . . . spirtually ADD?

Thank You for being my Father.  My Dad.  My Papa-God who loves me so . . . Thank You for always making Your lap available, for always waiting with open arms, for holding me tightly when I've worn myself out with the wiggling and squirming.

I love you, Papa.  I love you.

Soft smiles and snippets,


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