Friday, March 22, 2013

Snippets for Friday

I wrote this one morning after receiving a T-shirt I'd ordered. I'd read about this T-shirt on someone else's blog, and I had to have one. But, sadly, as happens sometimes with mail-order items, it didn't quite fit.  Still, I loved the idea of wearing it . . .  

Snippets from 09 September 2010

"I'm the 'wretch' the song refers to"
     I wear it on my heart
The T-shirt doesn't fit, but to the words I cling --
     "I'm the 'wretch' the song refers to"
     That is everything.
"I'm the 'wretch' the song refers to"
     Those words resound within my heart
     They don't encumber me or weigh me down-- 
     instead, they set me free
     Free to burst into Your presence,
               to crawl into Your lap, to cling to
               Your garments, rest my head against 
               Your chest.

"I'm the 'wretch' the song refers to"
      No one else I'd rather be
You came in love to be bound in flesh
      that I might be set free.

I love You, Papa.

Soft smiles and snippets,


PS  I may just have to try ordering again . . .  :-)

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