Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes, this is ME!

First day of the new semester . . . I made it through, but this picture is exactly how I feel! I am up to THIRTY-ONE babies in my first and second period class! Now I expected thirty-one in my third period, but couldn't believe it when I looked around the room during that first class and realized there was only one empty desk . . . and ya'll know I have thirty-TWO in there!) Quick, PRAY!

WARNING NOTE: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pray that Jabez prayer that asks Papa-God to increase your holdings and broaden your sphere of influence! DO NOT DO IT!


  1. Great little post here! Hang on for a wild ride........

  2. that's a lot of tails in your classroom.

  3. ~Ah! So cute. Have a great time with them all. *Smiles*

  4. Hi Pamm!

    I'm so happy to have found you again....I was doing a bit of remodeling on my blog and lost almost all of my friends so now I've been on a quest to re-find you!

    I'll remember about the prayer... :-)


  5. Good luck with work! Love that picture!