Friday, January 1, 2010

Being the Purple Cow

There are two blogs out in Cyberspace that I've attached my name to (or at least an alias that a few folks would readily recognize). And sometimes I think I need to obliterate at least one of them (if not both) 'cause, truth be told, I'm really not a very good blogger. I mean, at least in the case of this blog, I'm not very faithful at it.

(As far as the other blog goes, I just kind of suck all the way around -- not only am I not very consistent with my posting, but the content quality is . . . shall we be kind and say sporadic? And the pics are REALLY pitiful -- I mean like in PIH-TEE-FUL -- plumb, downright awful, in fact. And that's not a good thing since the content -- decorating, nesting, trash-to-treasuring, etc. -- is pretty dependent on visual aids. Plus, I mean, what can I really say or show that's not already being said or shown out there? And by others who are much better at saying it and showing it! And I'm not being cutesy coy or falsely modest here, just tellin' it like it is.)

It's one of those times now. I'm at one of those places where I'm wondering if I should keep at it, and if so, why I should keep at it. Then, again, maybe I'm asking myself the wrong questions because to be honest, I have to write. (Simply put, I'm a writer. I must put words "on paper" just as I must take in oxygen and chocolate.) And because I'm compelled to continue to play with words, perhaps what I need to figure out is not the ifs or the whys but the hows.

I've already said that writing is something I have to do. (Not writing is not an option for a writer.) But it's entirely possible that I've let my how get so pushed and pulled and distorted-beyond-recognition by the hows of everyone else out there in Blogland that, rather than being me (really the only thing I'm totally qualified for), I've unwittingly tried to be someone else -- one of those blogging sistahs out there whose work I soooooo admire and enjoy -- and I'm failing miserably.

So, what I think I'd better figure out is not if or why I will continue to blog, but how I should continue to blog. Let me repeat that for my own benefit: Not how anyone else does it, but how I do it.

And then I need to learn to be content with my own how and not covet anyone else's how.

Actually, I probably have a lot that I need to learn to be content with, while not coveting anything else that belongs to my "neighbor" -- not her house, her talents, her looks, her ministry . . .

In that light, focusing on my own how-to-blog seems like pretty easy stuff.

How now, brown cow?

Maybe I'll be the purple cow. And love it.



  1. I think that is a GREAT idea! Just write from your heart. It's not being graded--why does it matter who likes it and who doesn't like it. As the saying goes--it is what it is. And-by the way-it IS usually good!

  2. I like it! I couldn't keep up with you on all the others! but I do like readin your stuff your the bestest at everything!! I think any way!! I love you sister B

  3. What? I love your other blog and love the pics and hope you'll keep doing them every once in a while to inspire those that admire you and I enjoy you being you all the time. I changed my blog bling and the header reads...Life is what you make it. I'm trying to make it mine just like you are doing.

    You go girlie!

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