Thursday, January 28, 2010

Normal but not the norm

Is this a sweet face or what?

Okay, I know I'm her mother, but I'm usually pretty objective about my kids. (I know you're thinking, Yeah, right! Like a friend of mine's dad used to say, "Every ol' cow thinks her calf's the best . . . " but, really, I AM pretty objective!) And I can honestly say that 98 per cent of the time, this one -- Baby Daughter -- is about as sweet as her picture. (And, yes, I'll admit that the other 2 percent can be ferocious, but that's not what we're focusing on here.) Her sweetness and good-heartedness is why I'd like to knock some of her classmates in the head!

Okay, let me explain.

Baby Daughter works about thirty-eight hours a week (not forty because then her company would have to give her little perks like insurance, but that' a whole 'nother post), and goes to school at night. Cosmetology classes.

What on earth is it about the world of cosmetology that attracts so many immature females who each appear to be vying for the title of "Drama Queen, USA"?

Hold on -- before any of you jump on me for that last statement -- of course I know that there are exceptions. There are exceptions to every rule. But the for the past three semesters that BD has been in the cosmotology program of this school, it's been like watching her go back to junior high or high school, for Pete's sake. The cattiness, the gossip, the inconsideration, the name-calling, the unwillingness to help each other out . . . ugh! I'm telling you, it is ugly!

BD understands that there are these kinds of people everywhere, in all walks of life. (Heck, I teach with some! I go to church with some!) But when you have to deal with the same ones day in and day out, it's gets awfully tiresome. And BD was awfully tired last night when she came home.

One good thing, though. Between the sniffs and the tears, she said, "I tell you what, Mama, it sure makes me appreciate my real friends and my sisters . . . and people who are just nice and kind -- people who are NORMAL."

Ahhh, see, there's the rub.








We raised our kids to think that these things are normal!

Did we set our kids up for a fall? Maybe. Okay, yeah, I guess we did 'cause those traits sure don't seem to be the norm for most of the world. Still, it's a risk I'm glad we chose. Our kids' may get a bruised knee or a skinned elbow here and there, but their hearts are healthy.

Being nice. Exercising kindness. Helping. Showing compassion and care. Being fair-minded. Exercising generosity.

Simple acts. Cardio for the soul.


  1. oh, she IS a beauty...and it makes me want to go whoop up on those that are giving her a hard time......She will come out ok, mamma....she has a tender heart, I bet. She is adorable.


  2. Yes she is a Beautiful Daughter!! with a Beautiful heart! Learned from her loving family showing all those normal traits!
    Smile...she gets it!!

  3. Oh, Mama Bear, I'm thankful every day that we were raised exactly how we were. Y'all did a mighty fine job, if I do say so myself. ;-) Squeeze Melly for me!

  4. Hi Pamm!

    Your little girl is soooo stunning....What a beauty. I've always wondered why all the hub-bub happens when girls are together....I went through a lot of that yukky stuff too. I hope she's done and out of there soon....and bless her little heart for knowing how things are supposed to be.....ahhhhh.....normal!


  5. I love that "cardio for the soul" brilliant!

    She is beautiful and she has a great mama!


    love, kelee

  6. Thanks so much for coming by my blog hon! Your baby is adorable and sounds like a smart cookie!!!

  7. What a great post. I think it's wonderful that your daughter perceives kind people as being normal. I think this is true. People are only mean when they're in pain (or they've inhaled too much hairspray!!!)

  8. O, what a beautiful girl BD is!! She looks like she has a really sweet spirit.
    I will never understand why people have to act so excuse for it..and you are right, they are EVERYwhere. I'll bet your sweet daughter will do just fine, even being around these undesirables...maybe her sweetness and goodness will rub off on them!!:O)
    Thanks so much for coming by tonight. Hope you will come again soon.
    Now, gotta go get signed up to mean, FOLLOW you,sister friend.
    xo, bj

  9. She has a sweet face and a sweet heart. I'm pretty objective when it comes to my kids too - ya kind of have to be when you have an kid with autism. You have to be realistic. However, it breaks a mama's heart when someone is ugly to her baby. I know it does mine! Tell her there are some "normal" people out there.

  10. good little girl, she is. and pretty too.
    and you are soooo sweet, thanks for your sooooo sweet comments...helps keep me blog tickin'

  11. She is precious. We are so blessed with our children, aren't we?

  12. Good post! I was raised to think all this was normal too and it really does shock me when people act differently. :)

  13. My now college graduated son came home from his first semester of college and sat on our couch and asked "when did the world get to stupid?"

    Hmmm good question son...Kim