Friday, February 26, 2010


In the [stolen from her blog] words of Middle Daughter . . .

For 56 years, Houstonians have celebrated Go Texan Day, and this year is no different!

The Friday before the Rodeo kicks off each year
, every single person in the Greater Houston area is encouraged to pull out their finest Western apparel to get in the rodeo spirit.

Even preschoolers. (As evidenced by Buckaroo Boogie Bear in the above pic.)

Even Baby Daughters. (Note the above pic of her most recent lunch-hour purchase.)

Even Mamas . . . well, not so much. When I tried to put on my cute pointy-toed cowboy boot-like mules this morning, I was faced with one of those hard girly-decisions: Do I want to look cute or do I want to walk?

Of course, any other time, I would've picked looking cute, hands down. (Duh! Why do you think I said it was a "girly-decision"!) But slipping into those cute -- dare I say it, sexy, even -- stacked heels for the first time since last year's Accident, I realized that now it really isn't a ha-ha question anymore. It was literally look cute (I guess on a skateboard or in a roll-y chair or or somethin') or walk.

Dang it.

Oh, well, I've always been more of a "Miss Kitty" kind of western gal than an "Annie Oakley" one, so despite my definitely un-sexy, un-Tex-y footwear, I did keep on my big ol' Lone-Star-State-size dangly earrings, my jeans, and favorite peasant blouse and headed off to the school house wearing able-to-walk-in shoes.

And tomorrow, while some of you bloggin' sistas are decorating for spring, I'll be dressing the family room at Casa St. Michael in its finest western wear, complete with Texas flag. (Maybe I'll take some pics to post.)

Ahhhh, Texans . . . it's fun to be us!

Enjoy the weekend, wherever you are!

Grins and ya-hoos!



  1. Man I miss Texas!! You can take the girl out of Texas...but it never goes away.

  2. You crack me up!
    I don't know much about Rodeos but I do know about "girly-decisions".

    Still laughing all the way up here in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Yeah, I've always been more Miss Kitty, too. But I do love me some boots, too; for a while in my younger days I'd wear my boots with jeans OR a skirt, just didn't matter. Nowadays I dress for comfort, giving the boot (pun intended) to fashion.

  4. I understand the cute vs being able to walk!

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  5. I love rodeos! Been to the Ft. Worth Stock Show many times! It's always right before the Houston one.

    Come see me.