Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Nice Vice!

I don't know about you, but even though I'm old enough to know better, I still have a few vices. (Okay, so some of you are shocked, I know, but it's true, I do.) One that I can talk about in public is decorating magazines. I love them! I buy them, hoard them, and enjoy them over and over again. (Unlike one of my sista-friends who only looks at the pictures. No m'am! I drool over every word describing the pictures, too!) One of my ideal self-pampering days would involve everyone who normally roosts at Casa St. Michael being somewhere else and my being curled up on the couch with Tessie (our favorite four-and-a-half-pound white furball), an afghan, a cup of coffee and STACKS of Country Accent, Country Living, Cottage Living . . . well, you get the idea.

I haven't had one of those "ideal" days in a while, but I am able to get a quickie in, once in a while on-line. Yeah, I know it's not quite the same, but still, when it's grey out -- like it has been for a while here in the Houston area -- and I'm drooping at my desk during my conference period here at the school house, I can get a little perk-me-up by clicking on some of my bloggin' sistas yummy-for-the-decorating-heart sites or by going over to any number of other "eye-candy" locales, like Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, or HGTV.

The sun is out today here in God's Country, but just in case it's grey where you are, my sweet sista, here are some places where you might enjoy curling up with some of your own vices (now you KNOW I mean magazines, right?) . . . or maybe even sneak in a nap or two.

Photo from Country Living magazine.

There's just something about this bedroom with its faux-faded cabagge rose wallper, unexpected apple green woodwork, and pops of red that makes me melt! (Not to mention the cowboy boots under the bench at the foot of the bed! I could get a bench and put St. Michael's boots under it at the foot of our bed, but, alas, that's right where he has to walk when he gets up in the middle of the night, and . . . well, there are just some things that men are not willing to sacrifice for cuteness. Like life and limb.)

Photo from Country Living magazine.

And does this brick wall make your heart skip a beat or what! OMG! To die for! And the contrast of that gorgeous chandy against that worn brick . . . I don't know how cozy I would feel in a bedroom with a ceiling this high, but then again, I just might be able to do some fine dreaming after all . . . especially if I could spend an hour or so with a good book in the reading nook . . .

Photo from Country Living magazine.

Yup, this is the reading nook tucked beside that fabulous fluffy antique bed that sits up against that gorgeous brick wall. (This would definitely make up for the high ceiling . . . )

Photo from Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

And snuggling down into this bed would be like wrapping yourself up in pure buttery sunshine and clear faded-denim blue skies! The colors are at once vibrant and yet soothing. I could definitely do some fine napping here! Mmmmmmm! (This bedroom also just goes to show that black furniture -- even a large piece -- doesn't have to be overpowering if it's balanced with light, bright, fresh colors.)

Okay, I'm perked up . . . time to get ready for my little kiddies to come to class to learn the finer points of the English language . . .

Until next conference period,


  1. gorgeous! I'm drooling over chaise lounges lately. I must need 1 in my master suite.

  2. Those beds surely DO look inviting!! I love all your inspiration photos!!! Thanks, and have fun with English! ;D


  3. This eye candy is just what I needed Girlfriend :)


  4. Wow you're like me with those magazines....and I know what you mean about being droopy, it's gotta be the Houston air!!!
    Love the pics.
    I need you to come by when you can, cause I need some preachin'.Miss you.

  5. What in the world has happened to HGTV? I used to watch it all the time, but the shows on now don't interest me at all! Almost all the gardening shows are gone and it seems it's all about buying and selling houses, very little decorating!

  6. I love the last bedroom , i have had that picture in my fav. pile for a few years. Love the headboard.. love the colors.... Ha, my husband would love to put his dirty socks where those cowboy boots are. I would prefer the boots..lol.. mishelle

  7. Oh my gracious! I love every one of those pictures! I'm with ya on that brick wall - GORGEOUS!

    I could just look at decorating magazines all day if I had the time. That's what I do waiting in the school lines everyday.