Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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Harder than it sounds.  (Oops, no pun intended.)

Lately I've been asking Papa-God to speak to me.  A fresh word.  

He asks me, instead, to give him fresh ears.  

I guess that's my word for 2013 then.  


How simple is that?  I used to teach speech communication, for Pete's sake.  And the first principle I always taught my kids was that regardless of what is said, there is no communication until someone has heard what is said and responded.  

Yup.  I definitely need to start actively listening.  

What does that -- actively listening -- look like exactly?

My being still for one thing.  (Nope, not too good at that; well, unless I'm parked in front of NCIS or Hawaii Five-O . . .  or have the latest issue of Country Living in my hands.)

Eliminating distractions while sitting still.  (See above.  But, at least for me, it also means choosing not to look around the room looking for pictures that need to be straightened, dust bunnies that need to be chased . . . yes, I am difinitely spiritually ADD.)

Carving out time specifically to sit still without said distractions.  (And let's be honest, doesn't it feel like that sometimes?  Carving out -- almost surgically incising -- a slice of time from each crazy-busy day strictly for the purpose of some soul-biopsy.  Often painful, always time-consuming, but so necessary for the overall health of my being.)

I guess I've been wanting Papa to just send me a text or to facebook me.  


I gotta start listening.  Actively.


What's your word for this new year?  You can tell me.  I'm listening.



  1. Good word. I am thinking something like determination..organization... ? Keep it coming TPW!!

  2. Oh, how I have missed your sense of humor and reverence.

    I took great thought, about my word, for this year.

    GIVE is my choice.

    Give my best.
    Give to others.
    Give to myself.
    But most importantly, Give to God what He wants me to give, no what someone else wants me to give.

    Happy New Year and thanks for Listening.

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  3. Okay, I still can't figure out how to successfully reply as "Texas Preacher Woman," so I'll just keep replying as my other alter-ego, "St. Michael's Wife"!

    Thank you, sweet precious, Christine, for your warm welcome back! As part of my listening, I'm going to try to get back to writing . . . I felt like that was this morning's word . . . "Listen, and LIST." (Papa knows I'm drawn to alliteration! LOL!) XOXO!