Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is mine. Where is yours?

 Babies at work in the Land of Muz!

Last week I promised the mom of a deeply depressed, precious eleven-year-old boy in my class that I would be Jesus in skin for him.

Later I thought, isn't that who I'm supposed to be for all of my kids?

Yup.  This is my Macedonia.  My Calcutta.

Papa-God, fill me to overflowing with Your Spirit so that You can then spill out of every part of my body onto these You've entrusted to me.

Where is your Macedonia?  Your Calcutta?  May you be richly, extravagantly filled for and overflow in yours, as well.

Grins and blessings,


1 comment:

  1. Oh how I understand what you mean by "Where is your Macedoia? Your Calcutta?"
    Everyday brings a new challange and someone who needs Love. I never runs out of eyes that need a smile or a hand that needs a touch, ears that need kindness.
    And when I run out of these things, I know God is there to fill me up again. When I leave my home and hit "the streets" I know I can deliver.

    Keep on giving, Sister Pamm. They need us!