Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up . . . "

Well, since anybody left out there who's checkin' on this pitiful (as of late) blog has been seeing Boogie's picture for the past more-than-a-month, I figured I needed to give Bella equal time . . . here she is at the peditrician's office for her 2-year check-up. She's grown three and a half inches since January! Just think, sistas, if we could all do that, I, for one, would have less weight to lose!

(And remember how I said that if I was as cute as Boogie with his "mohawk," I'd get my hair done the same way? Well, I guess logic follows that if I looked this good topless, I'd be sittin' around half-naked, eatin' Fruit Loops all day, too . . . I can't believe I just said that. Oh, heck, yeah, I can.)

Lots happening since school's been out, but either I haven't had the time to write about it, or I haven't had the oomph to do so . . . I guess June just plumb wore me out, and now that we're into July, I just can't seem to get goin' again. However, since my theme for this year is "Grow Up!", I figure I'd better get a grip and commence to doin' somethin'!

Maybe I will accomplish somethin' today, even, and then write some meaningful words tomorrow . . . or maybe just some words . . . (at this point, ANY kind of words would be progress, huh!)

Until tomorrow . . .

Grinnin' and thinkin' about doin' somethin',


  1. She's darling! And you crack me up!

  2. Oh what a little darling!
    All Things Heart and Home

  3. I hear ya sister!
    Summer has me goofing off a lot!
    Thanks for the up date and new post.
    Bella's name is as cute as she is.
    See ya and don't forget to write!