Monday, February 9, 2009

Deja Vu

Remember the baby chicks?  Well, they're back.  But this time I think I like them.

I had my already-pretty-doggone-light blonde hair highlighted and cut this evening.  White-blonde, I think she called the color.   And with the cut, think Mae West gone punk.  (Okay, that could be a delusion of grandeur. Perhaps Dog the Bounty Hunter's ol' lady gone punk.  Yeah, that's probably more accurate.)

Actually, I think I like it.  Prince Michael (so as not to be confused with King Michael, a.k.a. St. Michael, his papa) would probably say I am now the hippest-lookin' jaja around.   And Sweet Callie?  She'd probably just laugh and then drool.  (Now that I think of it, that would just about sum up her papa's reaction, as well.   Ahhhh, thankfully, some things about sailors and construction workers never change.)

Here's to doing things that are wild and crazy!  

Peep!  Peep!


  1. Why didn't you post a picture? I'm picturing Melissa's hair when she was little--that spikey thing! ha ha ha--Donna
    Can't ever get this thing to take my password, so have to post anonymously.

  2. I'm with Ms Donna - I need a picture! Get out your new camera and start snappin, then getting postin!