Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jaja is Freakin' Super Woman!

Jaja is freakin' super woman!

This is the text I sent to my grandbabies' dad and my husband. I had just successfully dropped off my two-year grandson at his preschool on time. Being on time any where is a big thing for me, but I not only got Michael to the Purple Bears' room with his nap mat, his backpack full of Michael-marked diapers, his sipi-cup, and the class snacks (okay, so I forgot his lunch, but a quick trip to the local Food Mart for a Lunchable solved that problem, and no one was the wiser), but his five-month-old sister was with us, too, dressed, fed, and happily gurgling. All due to Jaja!   

I know I used to do stuff like this all the time twenty-something years ago when I was the mom of THREE under five years old, but dang!  I'm glad this is now the norm for Laine and not the norm for me . . . 'cause I am whooped!

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