Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks, Girls

I have close friends who've blogged from the beginning of blogtime, and I even did some blogging myself a few years back chronicling my first trip to Mbarara, Uganda. But it's the newest crop of bloggers who have most recently captured my attention and my imagination: My middle daughter, Laine, and a whole 'nother group of young moms out there who are regularly serving up delicious slices of life and laying them out on the Cyber Space Table to share with family and friends and friends-to-be. I read their entries, covering everything from their babies' first day of preschool to how to make a snazzy lunch bag out of polka-dotted oilcloth, and can't help but grin. They're honoring their yesterdays, embracing their todays, and looking forward to their tomorrows, capturing them all on "electronic paper," and then tossing them up like multicolored confetti to be celebrated and enjoyed by all who care to join their parade. And it's wonderful! I love it!

In fact, I guess you might say I'm downright inspired.

I want to do what they're doing.

I want to deal with the diaper rash of life and then forget it in favor of savoring big ol' toothless grins. And then write about it.

And so I shall!

Stay tuned. Big ol' toothless grins are coming.

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